UEFA Europa Conference League
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The 2022-2023 UEFA Europa Conference League (UEFAECL) is Europe's 3rd tier of European club football competition (after UEFA Champions League (UEFACL) and UEFA Europa League (UEFAEL)) where 184 premier league/1st division club teams from all 55 UEFA F/As (football associations) are represented. This tournament is designed to be contested primarily by lower ranked football associations. The 2022-2023 final will be played on 7 June 2023 in Sinobo Stadium (Prague, Czech Republic).

Club teams qualified for the 2022-2023 UEFACL based on the 2022 UEFA F/A Rankings table. This table takes into account how teams from each F/A performed in European competitions from the 2016-2017 through the 2020-2021 seasons.

AS Roma (ITA1) is the reigning UEFAECL champion.

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2022-2023 UEFA F/A Rankings
Czech Republic17112
Bosnia and Herzegovina36103
Republic of Ireland37103
North Macedonia38103
Northern Ireland42103
Faroe Islands47102
San Marino55102

Competition Structure

Stage# TeamsNew Teams Entering This RoundTeams From Previous RoundFormat
1st Qualifying6014 F/A cup winners from F/As ranked 42-55, 25 second place teams from F/As ranked 30-55 (except Liechtenstein), 21 third place teams from F/As ranked 29-50 (except Liechtenstein)None30 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
2nd Qualifying10621 F/A cup winners from F/As ranked 21-41, 14 second place teams from F/As ranked 16-29, 16 third place teams from F/As ranked 13-28, 8 fourth place teams from F/As ranked 7-15, 1 fifth place team from F/A ranked 6, 13 teams eliminated during 2022-2023 UEFACL 1st Qualifying Round, 3 teams eliminated during 2022-2023 UEFACL Preliminary Round30 winners from 1st Qualifying Round53 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
3rd Qualifying643 F/A cup winners from F/As ranked 18-20, 2 third place teams from F/As ranked 9-10, 4 fourth place teams from F/A ranked 7,10-12, 2 teams eliminated during 2022-2023 UEFACL 1st Qualifying Round53 winners from 2nd Qualifying Round32 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Playoff441 fifth place team from F/A ranked 5, 4 sixth place teams from F/As ranked 1-4 (ENG2CUP winners), 7 teams eliminated during 2022-2023 UEFAEL 3rd Qualifying Round32 winners from 3rd Qualifying Round22 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Group3210 teams eliminated during 2022-2023 UEFAEL Playoff Round22 winners from Playoff Round8 groups of 4 with Home/Away matches against each team in group, top 2 teams with most points (win = 3 pts, draw = 1 pt) in each group advance
Preliminary Knockout168 third place teams from 2022-2023 UEFAEL Group Stage, 8 second place teams from Group Stage8 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Round of 1616None8 winners from Group Stage, 8 winners from Preliminary Knockout Round8 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Quarterfinals8None8 winners from Round of 164 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Semifinals4None4 winners from Quarterfinals2 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Final2None2 winners from Semifinals1 match played at a neutral site


DateHome Status RoadVenue
Wed - 7 Jun 2023
 Fiorentina (ITA1) 12 West Ham United (ENG1)Fortuna Arena


DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateFiorentina (ITA1) 43 FC Basel (SUI1) 
11.05.23Fiorentina 12 FC BaselStadio Artemio Franchi
18.05.23FC Basel 13 FiorentinaSt Jakob Park
AggregateWest Ham United (ENG1) 31 AZ Alkmaar (NED1) 
11.05.23West Ham United 21 AZ AlkmaarLondon Stadium
18.05.23AZ Alkmaar 01 West Ham UnitedAFAS Stadion


DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateKAA Gent (BEL1) 25 West Ham United (ENG1) 
13.04.23KAA Gent 11 West Ham UnitedGhelamco Arena
20.04.23West Ham United 41 KAA GentLondon Stadium
AggregateLech Poznań (POL1) 46 Fiorentina (ITA1) 
13.04.23Lech Poznań 14 FiorentinaStadion Poznań
20.04.23Fiorentina 23 Lech PoznańStadio Artemio Franchi
AggregateAnderlecht (BEL1) 22 AZ Alkmaar (NED1) 
13.04.23Anderlecht 20 AZ AlkmaarLotto Park
20.04.23AZ Alkmaar 20 AnderlechtAFAS Stadion
 AZ Alkmaar advances on PKs (4-1) 
AggregateFC Basel (SUI1) 43 OGC Nice (FRA1) 
13.04.23FC Basel 22 OGC NiceSt Jakob Park
20.04.23OGC Nice 12 FC BaselAllianz Riviera

Round of 16

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateLazio (ITA1) 24 AZ Alkmaar (NED1) 
07.03.23Lazio 12 AZ AlkmaarStadio Olimpico (Roma)
16.03.23AZ Alkmaar 21 LazioAFAS Stadion
AggregateFC Sheriff Tiraspol (MDA1) 14 OGC Nice (FRA1) 
09.03.23FC Sheriff Tiraspol 01 OGC NiceStadionul Zimbru
16.03.23OGC Nice 31 FC Sheriff TiraspolAllianz Riviera
AggregateAEK Larnaca FC (CYP1) 06 West Ham United (ENG1) 
09.03.23AEK Larnaca FC 02 West Ham UnitedAEK Arena - George Karapatakis
16.03.23West Ham United 40 AEK Larnaca FCLondon Stadium
AggregateAnderlecht (BEL1) 21 Villarreal (ESP1) 
09.03.23Anderlecht 11 VillarrealLotto Park
16.03.23Villarreal 01 AnderlechtEstadio de la Cerámica
AggregateLech Poznań (POL1) 50 Djurgårdens IF (SWE1) 
09.03.23Lech Poznań 20 Djurgårdens IFStadion Poznań
16.03.23Djurgårdens IF 03 Lech PoznańTele2 Arena
AggregateFC Basel (SUI1) 44 ŠK Slovan Bratislava (SVK1) 
09.03.23FC Basel 22 ŠK Slovan BratislavaSt Jakob Park
16.03.23ŠK Slovan Bratislava 22 FC BaselŠtadión Tehelné pole
AggregateFiorentina (ITA1) 51 Sivasspor (TUR1) 
09.03.23Fiorentina 10 SivassporStadio Artemio Franchi
16.03.23Sivasspor 14 FiorentinaYeni Sivas 4 Eylül Stadyumu
AggregateKAA Gent (BEL1) 52 İstanbul Başakşehir FK (TUR1) 
09.03.23KAA Gent 11 İstanbul Başakşehir FKGhelamco Arena
15.03.23İstanbul Başakşehir FK 14 KAA GentBaşakşehir Fatih Terim Stadı

Preliminary Knockout Stage

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateQarabağ FK (AZE1) 11 KAA Gent (BEL1) 
16.02.23Qarabağ FK 10 KAA GentAzərsun Arena
23.02.23KAA Gent 10 Qarabağ FKGhelamco Arena
 KAA Gent advances on PKs (5-3) 
AggregateTrabzonspor (TUR1) 12 FC Basel (SUI1) 
16.02.23Trabzonspor 10 FC BaselŞenol Güneş Spor Kompleksi
23.02.23FC Basel 20 TrabzonsporSt Jakob Park
AggregateFK Bodø/Glimt (NOR1) 01 Lech Poznań (POL1) 
16.02.23FK Bodø/Glimt 00 Lech PoznańAspmyra Stadion
23.02.23Lech Poznań 10 FK Bodø/GlimtStadion Poznań
AggregateSporting Braga (POR1) 27 Fiorentina (ITA1) 
16.02.23Sporting Braga 04 FiorentinaEstádio AXA
23.02.23Fiorentina 32 Sporting BragaStadio Artemio Franchi
AggregateLazio (ITA1) 10 CFR Cluj-Napoca (ROU1) 
16.02.23Lazio 10 CFR Cluj-NapocaStadio Olimpico (Roma)
23.02.23CFR Cluj-Napoca 00 LazioStadionul Dr Constantin Rădelescu
AggregateAEK Larnaca FC (CYP1) 10 SC Dnipro-1 (UKR1) 
16.02.23AEK Larnaca FC 10 SC Dnipro-1AEK Arena - George Karapatakis
23.02.23SC Dnipro-1 00 AEK Larnaca FCKošcká futbalová aréna
AggregateFC Sheriff Tiraspol (MDA1) 32 FK Partizan (SRB1) 
16.02.23FC Sheriff Tiraspol 01 FK PartizanStadionul Zimbru
23.02.23FK Partizan 13 FC Sheriff TiraspolStadion Partizana
AggregateLudogorets Razgrad (BUL1) 22 Anderlecht (BEL1) 
16.02.23Ludogorets Razgrad 10 AnderlechtHuvepharma Arena
23.02.23Anderlecht 21 Ludogorets RazgradLotto Park
 Anderlecht advances on PKs (3-0) 

Group Stage

 Group ALeagueHomeRoad
1İstanbul Başakşehir FK (TUR1)64 -1-113-1431133 -0-0991831 -1-14523
2Fiorentina (ITA1)64 -1-113-146832 -1-0783532 -0-16633
3Heart of Midlothian FC (SCO1)62 -0-46-616-1031 -0-2328-631 -0-2348-4
4FK Rīgas Futbola skola (LVA1)60 -2-42-211-930 -1-2105-530 -1-2126-4
Round of 16
DateHome Status RoadVenue
 Fiorentina 11 FK Rīgas Futbola skolaStadio Artemio Franchi
 İstanbul Başakşehir FK 30 FiorentinaBaşakşehir Fatih Terim Stadı
06.10.22Heart of Midlothian FC 03 FiorentinaTynecastle Park
13.10.22İstanbul Başakşehir FK 30 FK Rīgas Futbola skolaBaşakşehir Fatih Terim Stadı
 Fiorentina 51 Heart of Midlothian FCStadio Artemio Franchi
27.10.22Fiorentina 21 İstanbul Başakşehir FKStadio Artemio Franchi
03.11.22FK Rīgas Futbola skola 03 FiorentinaSkonto Stadions
 İstanbul Başakşehir FK 31 Heart of Midlothian FCBaşakşehir Fatih Terim Stadı
 Group BLeagueHomeRoad
1West Ham United (ENG1)66 -0-018-134933 -0-0962433 -0-09725
2Anderlecht (BEL1)62 -2-28-65131 -1-1433031 -1-14321
3Silkeborg IF (DEN1)62 -0-46-127531 -0-2375231 -0-23523
4FC Steaua Bucureşti (ROU1)60 -2-42-318-1530 -1-2108-830 -1-21310-7
Round of 16
DateHome Status RoadVenue
08.09.22Anderlecht 10 Silkeborg IFLotto Park
15.09.22FC Steaua Bucureşti 00 AnderlechtArena Naţională
06.10.22Anderlecht 01 West Ham UnitedLotto Park
13.10.22FC Steaua Bucureşti 05 Silkeborg IFArena Naţională
 West Ham United 21 AnderlechtLondon Stadium
27.10.22Anderlecht 22 FC Steaua BucureştiLotto Park
 West Ham United 10 Silkeborg IFLondon Stadium
03.11.22FC Steaua Bucureşti 03 West Ham UnitedArena Naţională
 Group CLeagueHomeRoad
1Villarreal (ESP1)64 -1-113-149532 -1-07115632 -0-1634-1
2Lech Poznań (POL1)62 -3-19-127532 -1-0771630 -2-1256-1
3Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC (ISR1)61 -4-17-85331 -1-1463330 -3-03220
4FK Austria Wien (AUT1)60 -2-42-215-1330 -2-1212-130 -0-30113-12
Round of 16
DateHome Status RoadVenue
08.09.22Villarreal 43 Lech PoznańEstadio Ciudad de València
 FK Austria Wien 00 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FCGenerali Arena (Wien)
15.09.22Lech Poznań 41 FK Austria WienStadion Poznań
 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC 12 VillarrealYaakov Turner Toto Stadium
06.10.22Lech Poznań 00 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FCStadion Poznań
 Villarreal 50 FK Austria WienEstadio Ciudad de València
13.10.22FK Austria Wien 01 VillarrealGenerali Arena (Wien)
 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC 11 Lech PoznańYaakov Turner Toto Stadium
27.10.22Villarreal 22 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FCEstadio Ciudad de València
 FK Austria Wien 11 Lech PoznańGenerali Arena (Wien)
03.11.22Lech Poznań 30 VillarrealStadion Poznań
 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC 40 FK Austria WienYaakov Turner Toto Stadium
 Group DLeagueHomeRoad
1FK Partizan (SRB1)62 -3-19-97231 -2-0542231 -1-14550
2OGC Nice (FRA1)62 -3-19-87131 -1-1444031 -2-05431
3FC Köln (GER1)62 -2-28-88031 -1-1465131 -1-1423-1
41. FC Slovácko (CZE1)61 -2-35-811-330 -1-2135-231 -1-1456-1
Round of 16
DateHome Status RoadVenue
08.09.221. FC Slovácko 33 FK PartizanMěstský Fotbalový Stadion
 OGC Nice 11 FC KölnAllianz Riviera
15.09.22FK Partizan 11 OGC NiceStadion Partizana
 FC Köln 42 1. FC SlováckoRheinEnergieStadion
06.10.221. FC Slovácko 01 OGC NiceMěstský Fotbalový Stadion
 FC Köln 01 FK PartizanRheinEnergieStadion
13.10.22FK Partizan 20 FC KölnStadion Partizana
 OGC Nice 12 1. FC SlováckoAllianz Riviera
27.10.22OGC Nice 21 FK PartizanAllianz Riviera
28.10.221. FC Slovácko 01 FC KölnMěstský Fotbalový Stadion
03.11.22FK Partizan 11 1. FC SlováckoStadion Partizana
 FC Köln 22 OGC NiceRheinEnergieStadion
 Group ELeagueHomeRoad
1AZ Alkmaar (NED1)65 -0-115-126633 -0-0994532 -0-16321
2SC Dnipro-1 (UKR1)63 -1-210-97231 -1-1433032 -0-16642
3Apollon Limassol (CYP1)62 -1-37-57-232 -0-1633030 -1-2124-2
4FC Vaduz (SUI2)60 -2-42-511-630 -1-2124-230 -1-2137-4
Round of 16
DateHome Status RoadVenue
08.09.22SC Dnipro-1 01 AZ AlkmaarKošcká futbalová aréna
 FC Vaduz 00 Apollon LimassolRheinpark Stadion
15.09.22AZ Alkmaar 41 FC VaduzAFAS Stadion
 Apollon Limassol 13 SC Dnipro-1Neo GSP Stadium
06.10.22SC Dnipro-1 22 FC VaduzKošcká futbalová aréna
13.10.22Apollon Limassol 10 AZ AlkmaarNeo GSP Stadium
 FC Vaduz 12 SC Dnipro-1Rheinpark Stadion
27.10.22FC Vaduz 12 AZ AlkmaarRheinpark Stadion
 SC Dnipro-1 10 Apollon LimassolKošcká futbalová aréna
03.11.22Apollon Limassol 10 FC VaduzNeo GSP Stadium
 AZ Alkmaar 21 SC Dnipro-1AFAS Stadion
 Group FLeagueHomeRoad
1Djurgårdens IF (SWE1)65 -1-016-126633 -0-0984432 -1-07422
2KAA Gent (BEL1)62 -2-28-106432 -0-1671630 -2-1235-2
3Molde FK (NOR1)62 -1-37-910-131 -1-1453231 -0-2347-3
4Shamrock Rovers (IRL1)60 -2-42-110-930 -2-1213-230 -0-3007-7
Round of 16
DateHome Status RoadVenue
08.09.22Molde FK 00 KAA GentAker Stadion
 Shamrock Rovers 00 Djurgårdens IFTallaght Stadium
15.09.22Djurgårdens IF 32 Molde FKTele2 Arena
 KAA Gent 30 Shamrock RoversGhelamco Arena
06.10.22Molde FK 30 Shamrock RoversAker Stadion
 KAA Gent 01 Djurgårdens IFGhelamco Arena
13.10.22Djurgårdens IF 42 KAA GentTele2 Arena
 Shamrock Rovers 02 Molde FKTallaght Stadium
27.10.22Molde FK 23 Djurgårdens IFAker Stadion
 Shamrock Rovers 11 KAA GentTallaght Stadium
03.11.22Djurgårdens IF 10 Shamrock RoversTele2 Arena
 KAA Gent 40 Molde FKGhelamco Arena
 Group GLeagueHomeRoad
1Sivasspor (TUR1)63 -2-111-117431 -1-1475232 -1-07422
2CFR Cluj-Napoca (ROU1)63 -1-210-55032 -0-1631231 -1-1424-2
3SK Slavia Praha (CZE1)62 -2-28-67-131 -1-1444031 -1-1423-1
4FC Ballkani (KVX1)61 -1-44-811-330 -1-2124-231 -0-2367-1
Round of 16
DateHome Status RoadVenue
08.09.22FC Ballkani 11 CFR Cluj-NapocaStadiumi Fadil Vokrri
 Sivasspor 11 SK Slavia PrahaYeni Sivas 4 Eylül Stadyumu
15.09.22SK Slavia Praha 32 FC BallkaniFortuna Arena
 CFR Cluj-Napoca 01 SivassporStadionul Dr Constantin Rădelescu
06.10.22Sivasspor 34 FC BallkaniYeni Sivas 4 Eylül Stadyumu
13.10.22CFR Cluj-Napoca 20 SK Slavia PrahaStadionul Dr Constantin Rădelescu
 FC Ballkani 12 SivassporStadiumi Fadil Vokrri
27.10.22FC Ballkani 01 SK Slavia PrahaStadiumi Fadil Vokrri
 Sivasspor 30 CFR Cluj-NapocaYeni Sivas 4 Eylül Stadyumu
03.11.22SK Slavia Praha 11 SivassporFortuna Arena
 CFR Cluj-Napoca 10 FC BallkaniStadionul Dr Constantin Rădelescu
 Group HLeagueHomeRoad
1FC Basel (SUI1)63 -2-111-119231 -1-1455032 -1-07642
2ŠK Slovan Bratislava (SVK1)63 -2-111-97231 -2-0554132 -0-16431
3FC Pyunik (ARM1)62 -0-46-89-132 -0-1652330 -0-3037-4
4VMFD Žalgiris Vilnius (LTU1)61 -2-35-58-331 -0-2334-130 -2-1224-2
Round of 16
DateHome Status RoadVenue
08.09.22FC Basel 31 FC PyunikSt Jakob Park
15.09.22VMFD Žalgiris Vilnius 01 FC BaselLFF Stadium
 FC Pyunik 20 ŠK Slovan BratislavaRepublican Stadium (Yerevan)
06.10.22FC Pyunik 20 VMFD Žalgiris VilniusRepublican Stadium (Yerevan)
13.10.22ŠK Slovan Bratislava 33 FC BaselŠtadión Tehelné pole
27.10.22FC Basel 22 VMFD Žalgiris VilniusSt Jakob Park
 ŠK Slovan Bratislava 21 FC PyunikŠtadión Tehelné pole
 FC Pyunik 12 FC BaselRepublican Stadium (Yerevan)

Playoff Stage

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateDjurgårdens IF (SWE1) 53 APOEL FC (CYP1) 
17.08.22Djurgårdens IF 30 APOEL FCTele2 Arena
23.08.22APOEL FC 32 Djurgårdens IFNeo GSP Stadium
AggregateRaków Częstochowa (POL1) 23 SK Slavia Praha (CZE1) 
18.08.22Raków Częstochowa 21 SK Slavia PrahaStadion Raków
25.08.22SK Slavia Praha 20 Raków CzęstochowaFortuna Arena
AggregateFK Rīgas Futbola skola (LVA1) 33 Linfield FC (NIR1) 
18.08.22FK Rīgas Futbola skola 22 Linfield FCSkonto Stadions
25.08.22Linfield FC 11 FK Rīgas Futbola skolaWindsor Park (Belfast)
 FK Rīgas Futbola skola advances on PKs (4-2) 
AggregateCSKA Sofia (BUL1) 12 FC Basel (SUI1) 
18.08.22CSKA Sofia 10 FC BaselStadion Vasil Levski
25.08.22FC Basel 20 CSKA SofiaSt Jakob Park
AggregateYoung Boys (SUI1) 11 Anderlecht (BEL1) 
18.08.22Young Boys 01 AnderlechtStade de Suisse
25.08.22Anderlecht 01 Young BoysLotto Park
 Anderlecht advances on PKs (3-1) 
Aggregate1. FC Slovácko (CZE1) 40 AIK Solna (SWE1) 
18.08.221. FC Slovácko 30 AIK SolnaMěstský Fotbalový Stadion
25.08.22AIK Solna 01 1. FC SlováckoFriends Arena
AggregateMolde FK (NOR1) 41 Wolfsberger AC (AUT1) 
18.08.22Molde FK 01 Wolfsberger ACAker Stadion
25.08.22Wolfsberger AC 04 Molde FK28 Black Arena
AggregateMaccabi Tel Aviv (ISR1) 12 OGC Nice (FRA1) 
18.08.22Maccabi Tel Aviv 10 OGC NiceBloomfield Stadium
25.08.22OGC Nice 20 Maccabi Tel AvivAllianz Riviera
AggregateUniversitatea Craiova (ROU1) 22 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC (ISR1) 
18.08.22Universitatea Craiova 11 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FCStadionul Municipal Botoşani
25.08.22Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC 11 Universitatea CraiovaYaakov Turner Toto Stadium
 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC advances on PKs (4-3) 
Aggregateİstanbul Başakşehir FK (TUR1) 42 Royal Antwerp FC (BEL1) 
18.08.22İstanbul Başakşehir FK 11 Royal Antwerp FCBaşakşehir Fatih Terim Stadı
AggregateHŠK Zrinjski Mostar (BIH1) 22 ŠK Slovan Bratislava (SVK1) 
18.08.22HŠK Zrinjski Mostar 10 ŠK Slovan BratislavaStadion HŠK Zrinjski
25.08.22ŠK Slovan Bratislava 21 HŠK Zrinjski MostarŠtadión Tehelné pole
 ŠK Slovan Bratislava advances on PKs (6-5) 
AggregateNK Maribor (SVN1) 01 CFR Cluj-Napoca (ROU1) 
18.08.22NK Maribor 00 CFR Cluj-NapocaStadion Ljudski VRT
25.08.22CFR Cluj-Napoca 10 NK MariborStadionul Dr Constantin Rădelescu
AggregateLech Poznań (POL1) 31 F91 Dudelange (LUX1) 
18.08.22Lech Poznań 20 F91 DudelangeStadion Poznań
25.08.22F91 Dudelange 11 Lech PoznańStade de Luxembourg
AggregateFC Steaua Bucureşti (ROU1) 43 Viking FK (NOR1) 
18.08.22FC Steaua Bucureşti 12 Viking FKArena Naţională
25.08.22Viking FK 13 FC Steaua BucureştiSR-Bank Arena
AggregateFC Köln (GER1) 42 Fehérvár FC (HUN1) 
18.08.22FC Köln 12 Fehérvár FCRheinEnergieStadion
25.08.22Fehérvár FC 03 FC KölnMOL Aréna Sóstó
AggregateWest Ham United (ENG1) 61 Viborg FF (DEN1) 
18.08.22West Ham United 31 Viborg FFLondon Stadium
25.08.22Viborg FF 03 West Ham UnitedViborg Stadion
AggregateVillarreal (ESP1) 62 HNK Hajduk Split (CRO1) 
18.08.22Villarreal 42 HNK Hajduk SplitEstadio Ciudad de València
25.08.22HNK Hajduk Split 02 VillarrealGradski Stadion u Poljudu
AggregateFK Partizan (SRB1) 74 Hamrun Spartans FC (MLT1) 
18.08.22FK Partizan 41 Hamrun Spartans FCStadion Partizana
25.08.22Hamrun Spartans FC 33 FK PartizanTa' Qali National Stadium
AggregateFiorentina (ITA1) 21 Twente Enschede (NED1) 
18.08.22Fiorentina 21 Twente EnschedeStadio Artemio Franchi
25.08.22Twente Enschede 00 FiorentinaDe Grolsch Veste
AggregateAZ Alkmaar (NED1) 61 Gil Vicente FC (POR1) 
18.08.22AZ Alkmaar 40 Gil Vicente FCAFAS Stadion
25.08.22Gil Vicente FC 12 AZ AlkmaarEstádio Cidade de Barcelos
AggregateKF Shkupi 1927 (MKD1) 13 FC Ballkani (KVX1) 
18.08.22KF Shkupi 1927 12 FC BallkaniToše Proeski Arena
25.08.22FC Ballkani 10 KF Shkupi 1927Stadiumi Fadil Vokrri

3rd Qualifying Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateViborg FF (DEN1) 51 B36 Tóshavn (FRO1) 
03.08.22Viborg FF 30 B36 TóshavnViborg Stadion
09.08.22B36 Tóshavn 12 Viborg FFTórsvøllur
AggregateRiga FC (LVA1) 15 Gil Vicente FC (POR1) 
03.08.22Riga FC 11 Gil Vicente FCSkonto Stadions
11.08.22Gil Vicente FC 40 Riga FCEstádio Cidade de Barcelos
AggregateWolfsberger AC (AUT1) 40 Gżira United FC (MLT1) 
03.08.22Wolfsberger AC 00 Gżira United FC28 Black Arena
09.08.22Gżira United FC 04 Wolfsberger ACMFA Centenary Stadium (Ta'Qali)
AggregateFK DAC 1904 Dunajská (SVK1) 02 FC Steaua Bucureşti (ROU1) 
11.08.22FC Steaua Bucureşti 10 FK DAC 1904 DunajskáArena Naţională
AggregateKuPS (FIN1) 05 Young Boys (SUI1) 
04.08.22KuPS 02 Young BoysVeritas Stadion
11.08.22Young Boys 30 KuPSStade de Suisse
AggregateFK Rīgas Futbola skola (LVA1) 42 Hibernians FC (MLT1) 
04.08.22FK Rīgas Futbola skola 11 Hibernians FCDaugava Stadions (Rīga)
11.08.22Hibernians FC 13 FK Rīgas Futbola skolaMFA Centenary Stadium (Ta'Qali)
AggregateFC Spartak Tnrava (SVK1) 03 Raków Częstochowa (POL1) 
04.08.22FC Spartak Tnrava 02 Raków CzęstochowaŠtadión Antona Malatinského
11.08.22Raków Częstochowa 10 FC Spartak TnravaStadion Raków
AggregatePaide Linnameeskond (EST1) 05 Anderlecht (BEL1) 
04.08.22Paide Linnameeskond 02 AnderlechtA Le Coq Arena
11.08.22Anderlecht 30 Paide LinnameeskondLotto Park
AggregateFC Shakhtyor Salihorsk (BLR1) 01 CFR Cluj-Napoca (ROU1) 
04.08.22FC Shakhtyor Salihorsk 00 CFR Cluj-NapocaSakarya Atatürk Stadyumu
11.08.22CFR Cluj-Napoca 10 FC Shakhtyor SalihorskStadionul Dr Constantin Rădelescu
AggregateAIK Solna (SWE1) 22 FK Shkëndija (MKD1) 
04.08.22AIK Solna 11 FK ShkëndijaFriends Arena
11.08.22FK Shkëndija 11 AIK SolnaToše Proeski Arena
 AIK Solna advances on PKs (3-2) 
AggregateLillestrøm SK (NOR1) 15 Royal Antwerp FC (BEL1) 
04.08.22Lillestrøm SK 13 Royal Antwerp FCÅråsen Stadion
11.08.22Royal Antwerp FC 20 Lillestrøm SKBosuilstadion
AggregateViking FK (NOR1) 52 Sligo Rovers FC (IRL1) 
04.08.22Viking FK 51 Sligo Rovers FCSR-Bank Arena
11.08.22Sligo Rovers FC 10 Viking FKThe Showgrounds (Sligo)
AggregateCSKA Sofia (BUL1) 21 St Patrick's Athletic FC (IRL1) 
04.08.22CSKA Sofia 01 St Patrick's Athletic FCStadion Vasil Levski
11.08.22St Patrick's Athletic FC 02 CSKA SofiaTallaght Stadium
AggregateAPOEL FC (CYP1) 10 FC Kyzyl-Zhar SK (KAZ1) 
04.08.22APOEL FC 10 FC Kyzyl-Zhar SKNeo GSP Stadium
11.08.22FC Kyzyl-Zhar SK 00 APOEL FCAstana Arena
AggregateMolde FK (NOR1) 42 Kisvárda FC (HUN1) 
04.08.22Molde FK 30 Kisvárda FCAker Stadion
11.08.22Kisvárda FC 21 Molde FKVárkerti Stadion
AggregateNeftçi Baku PFK (AZE1) 23 Rapid Wien (AUT1) 
04.08.22Neftçi Baku PFK 21 Rapid WienBakcell Arena
11.08.22Rapid Wien 20 Neftçi Baku PFKAllianz Stadion (Wien)
AggregateMaccabi Tel Aviv (ISR1) 32 Aris FC (GRE1) 
04.08.22Maccabi Tel Aviv 20 Aris FCBloomfield Stadium
11.08.22Aris FC 21 Maccabi Tel AvivKleanthis Vikelidis Stadium
AggregateSK Slavia Praha (CZE1) 31 Panathinaikos (GRE1) 
04.08.22SK Slavia Praha 20 PanathinaikosFortuna Arena
11.08.22Panathinaikos 11 SK Slavia PrahaApostolos Nikolaidis Stadium
AggregateFC Zorya Luhansk (UKR1) 13 Universitatea Craiova (ROU1) 
11.08.22Universitatea Craiova 30 FC Zorya LuhanskComplex Sportiv Craiova
AggregateHamrun Spartans FC (MLT1) 22 PFC Levski Sofia (BUL1) 
04.08.22Hamrun Spartans FC 01 PFC Levski SofiaVivacom Arena - Georgi Asparuhov
 Hamrun Spartans FC advances on PKs (4-1) 
11.08.22PFC Levski Sofia 12 Hamrun Spartans FCVivacom Arena - Georgi Asparuhov
 Hamrun Spartans FC advances on PKs (4-1) 
AggregateFC Ballkani (KVX1) 44 KÍ Klaksvík (FRO1) 
04.08.22FC Ballkani 32 KÍ KlaksvíkStadiumi Fadil Vokrri
11.08.22KÍ Klaksvík 21 FC BallkaniTórsvøllur
 FC Ballkani advances on PKa (4-3) 
AggregateSepsi (ROU1) 26 Djurgårdens IF (SWE1) 
04.08.22Sepsi 13 Djurgårdens IFStadionul Sepsi
11.08.22Djurgårdens IF 31 SepsiTele2 Arena
AggregateFC Lugano (SUI1) 15 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC (ISR1) 
04.08.22FC Lugano 02 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FCStadio di Cornaredo
11.08.22Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC 31 FC LuganoNetanya Stadium
AggregateFK Čukarički (SRB1) 27 Twente Enschede (NED1) 
04.08.22FK Čukarički 13 Twente EnschedeStadion Partizana
11.08.22Twente Enschede 41 FK ČukaričkiDe Grolsch Veste
AggregateBrøndby IF (DEN1) 22 FC Basel (SUI1) 
04.08.22Brøndby IF 10 FC BaselBrøndby Stadion
11.08.22FC Basel 21 Brøndby IFSt Jakob Park
 FC Basel advances on PKs (3-1) 
AggregateBreiðablik UBK (ISL1) 16 İstanbul Başakşehir FK (TUR1) 
04.08.22Breiðablik UBK 13 İstanbul Başakşehir FKKópavogsvöllur;
11.08.22İstanbul Başakşehir FK 30 Breiðablik UBKBaşakşehir Fatih Terim Stadı
AggregateVíkingur Reykjavík FC (ISL1) 24 Lech Poznań (POL1) 
04.08.22Víkingur Reykjavík FC 10 Lech PoznańVíkingsvöllur
11.08.22Lech Poznań 41 Víkingur Reykjavík FCStadion Poznań
AggregateFehérvár FC (HUN1) 71 CS Petrocub Hînceşti (MDA1) 
04.08.22Fehérvár FC 50 CS Petrocub HînceştiMOL Aréna Sóstó
11.08.22CS Petrocub Hînceşti 12 Fehérvár FCStadionul Zimbru
AggregateHŠK Zrinjski Mostar (BIH1) 21 FC Tobol (KAZ1) 
04.08.22HŠK Zrinjski Mostar 10 FC TobolStadion HŠK Zrinjski
11.08.22FC Tobol 11 HŠK Zrinjski MostarOrtalıq Stadion (Almatı)
AggregateHNK Hajduk Split (CRO1) 32 Vitória de Guimarães (POR1) 
04.08.22HNK Hajduk Split 31 Vitória de GuimarãesGradski Stadion u Poljudu
10.08.22Vitória de Guimarães 10 HNK Hajduk SplitEstádio Dom Afonso Henriques
AggregateDundee United FC (SCO1) 17 AZ Alkmaar (NED1) 
04.08.22Dundee United FC 10 AZ AlkmaarTannadice Park
11.08.22AZ Alkmaar 70 Dundee United FCAFAS Stadion

2nd Qualifying Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateHibernians FC (MLT1) 43 FC Levadia Tallinn (EST1) 
19.07.22Hibernians FC 32 FC Levadia TallinnMFA Centenary Stadium (Ta'Qali)
28.07.22FC Levadia Tallinn 11 Hibernians FCA Le Coq Arena
AggregateKF Tirana (ALB1) 24 HŠK Zrinjski Mostar (BIH1) 
19.07.22KF Tirana 01 HŠK Zrinjski MostarAir Albania Stadium
28.07.22HŠK Zrinjski Mostar 32 KF TiranaStadion HŠK Zrinjski
AggregateSP La Fiorita (SMR1) 010 FC Ballkani (KVX1) 
19.07.22SP La Fiorita 04 FC BallkaniStadio Olimpico di Serravalle
26.07.22FC Ballkani 60 SP La FioritaStadiumi Fadil Vokrri
AggregatePFC Botev Plovdiv (BUL1) 02 APOEL FC (CYP1) 
20.07.22PFC Botev Plovdiv 00 APOEL FCStadion Vasil Levski
28.07.22APOEL FC 20 PFC Botev PlovdivNeo GSP Stadium
AggregateVíkingur (FRO1) 04 FK DAC 1904 Dunajská (SVK1) 
20.07.22Víkingur 02 FK DAC 1904 DunajskáTórsvøllur
28.07.22FK DAC 1904 Dunajská 20 VíkingurMOL Aréna
AggregateFK Sutjeska Nikšić (MNE1) 01 KÍ Klaksvík (FRO1) 
27.07.22KÍ Klaksvík 10 FK Sutjeska NikšićVið Djúpumýrar
AggregateFC Kyzyl-Zhar SK (KAZ1) 32 NK Osijek (CRO1) 
21.07.22FC Kyzyl-Zhar SK 12 NK OsijekAstana Arena
28.07.22NK Osijek 02 FC Kyzyl-Zhar SKStadion Gradski vrt
AggregateFC Kairat Almaty (KAZ1) 02 Kisvárda FC (HUN1) 
21.07.22FC Kairat Almaty 01 Kisvárda FCOrtalıq Stadion (Almatı)
28.07.22Kisvárda FC 10 FC Kairat AlmatyVárkerti Stadion
AggregateFC Tobol (KAZ1) 30 Lincoln Red Imps FC (GIB1) 
21.07.22FC Tobol 20 Lincoln Red Imps FCOrtalıq Stadion (Almatı)
26.07.22Lincoln Red Imps FC 01 FC TobolVictoria Stadium (Gibraltar)
AggregateFK Liepājas Metalurgs (LVA) 04 Young Boys (SUI1) 
21.07.22FK Liepājas Metalurgs 01 Young BoysDaugava Stadions (Liepāja)
28.07.22Young Boys 30 FK Liepājas MetalurgsStade de Suisse
AggregateArarat-Armenia FC (ARM1) 00 Paide Linnameeskond (EST1) 
21.07.22Ararat-Armenia FC 00 Paide LinnameeskondFootball Academy Stadium
28.07.22Paide Linnameeskond 00 Ararat-Armenia FCPärnu Rannastaadion
 Paide Linnameeskond advances on PKs (5-3) 
AggregateValmiera Glass FK (LVA1) 25 FK Shkëndija (MKD1) 
21.07.22Valmiera Glass FK 12 FK ShkëndijaDaugava Stadions (Rīga)
28.07.22FK Shkëndija 31 Valmiera Glass FKToše Proeski Arena
AggregateMakedonija GjP (MKD1) 04 CSKA Sofia (BUL1) 
28.07.22CSKA Sofia 40 Makedonija GjPBalgarska Armia Stadium
AggregateFC Koper (SVN1) 12 FC Vaduz (SUI2) 
21.07.22FC Koper 01 FC VaduzStadion Bonfika
28.07.22FC Vaduz 11 FC KoperRheinpark Stadion
AggregateZirə FK (AZE1) 03 Maccabi Tel Aviv (ISR1) 
21.07.22Zirə FK 03 Maccabi Tel AvivDalga Arena
28.07.22Maccabi Tel Aviv 00 Zirə FKBloomfield Stadium
AggregateMolde FK (NOR1) 62 IF Elfsborg (SWE1) 
21.07.22Molde FK 41 IF ElfsborgAker Stadion
28.07.22IF Elfsborg 12 Molde FKBorås Arena
AggregateLech Poznań (POL1) 61 FC Dinamo Batumi (GEO1) 
21.07.22Lech Poznań 50 FC Dinamo BatumiStadion Poznań
28.07.22FC Dinamo Batumi 11 Lech PoznańAdjarabet Arena
AggregateFC Saburtalo Tbilisi (GEO1) 34 FC Steaua Bucureşti (ROU1) 
21.07.22FC Saburtalo Tbilisi 10 FC Steaua BucureştiBoris Paichadze Dinamo Arena
28.07.22FC Steaua Bucureşti 42 FC Saburtalo TbilisiArena Naţională
AggregateSJK (FIN1) 26 Lillestrøm SK (NOR1) 
21.07.22SJK 01 Lillestrøm SKOmaSP Stadion
28.07.22Lillestrøm SK 52 SJKÅråsen Stadion
AggregateKuPS (FIN1) 63 FC Milsami-Ursidos (MDA1) 
21.07.22KuPS 22 FC Milsami-UrsidosVäre Areena
28.07.22FC Milsami-Ursidos 14 KuPSComplexul Sportiv Raional Orhei
AggregateFK Sūduva Marijampolė (LTU1) 02 Viborg FF (DEN1) 
21.07.22FK Sūduva Marijampolė 01 Viborg FFHikvision arena
28.07.22Viborg FF 10 FK Sūduva MarijampolėViborg Stadion
AggregateMKS Pogón Szczecin (POL1) 15 Brøndby IF (DEN1) 
21.07.22MKS Pogón Szczecin 11 Brøndby IFStadion Miejski im Floriana Krygiera
28.07.22Brøndby IF 40 MKS Pogón SzczecinBrøndby Stadion
AggregateMFK Ružomberok (SVK1) 15 Riga FC (LVA1) 
21.07.22MFK Ružomberok 03 Riga FCŠtadión MFK Ružomberok
28.07.22Riga FC 21 MFK RužomberokSkonto Stadions
AggregateSt Joseph's FC (GIB1) 011 SK Slavia Praha (CZE1) 
21.07.22St Joseph's FC 04 SK Slavia PrahaVictoria Stadium (Gibraltar)
28.07.22SK Slavia Praha 70 St Joseph's FCFortuna Arena
AggregateFehérvár FC (HUN1) 53 Qəbələ FK (AZE1) 
21.07.22Fehérvár FC 41 Qəbələ FKMOL Aréna Sóstó
28.07.22Qəbələ FK 21 Fehérvár FCTovuz City Stadium
AggregatePFC Levski Sofia (BUL1) 31 PAOK FC (GRE1) 
21.07.22PFC Levski Sofia 20 PAOK FCVivacom Arena - Georgi Asparuhov
28.07.22PAOK FC 11 PFC Levski SofiaToumba Stadium
AggregateSparta Praha (CZE1) 12 Viking FK (NOR1) 
21.07.22Sparta Praha 00 Viking FKGenerali Česká pojišťovna Arena
28.07.22Viking FK 21 Sparta PrahaSR-Bank Arena
AggregateFC Vorskla Poltava (UKR1) 34 AIK Solna (SWE1) 
21.07.22FC Vorskla Poltava 32 AIK SolnaTele2 Arena
27.07.22AIK Solna 20 FC Vorskla PoltavaFriends Arena
AggregateRoyal Antwerp FC (BEL1) 20 KF Drita (KVX1) 
21.07.22Royal Antwerp FC 00 KF DritaBosuilstadion
28.07.22KF Drita 02 Royal Antwerp FCStadiumi Fadil Vokrri
AggregateGżira United FC (MLT1) 55 FK Radnički Niš (SRB1) 
21.07.22Gżira United FC 22 FK Radnički NišMFA Centenary Stadium (Ta'Qali)
28.07.22FK Radnički Niš 33 Gżira United FCGradski Stadion čair
 Gżira United FC advances on PKs (3-1) 
AggregateRapid Wien (AUT1) 21 Lechia Gdańsk (POL1) 
21.07.22Rapid Wien 00 Lechia GdańskAllianz Stadion (Wien)
28.07.22Lechia Gdańsk 12 Rapid WienPolsat Plus Arena Gdańsk
AggregateB36 Tóshavn (FRO1) 10 SP Tre Fiori (SMR1) 
21.07.22B36 Tóshavn 10 SP Tre FioriGundadalar Stadium
28.07.22SP Tre Fiori 00 B36 TóshavnStadio Olimpico di Serravalle
AggregateFC Basel (SUI1) 31 Crusaders FC (NIR1) 
21.07.22FC Basel 20 Crusaders FCSt Jakob Park
28.07.22Crusaders FC 11 FC BaselSeaview (Belfast)
AggregateCS Petrocub Hînceşti (MDA1) 41 KF Laçi (ALB1) 
21.07.22CS Petrocub Hînceşti 00 KF LaçiStadionul Zimbru
28.07.22KF Laçi 14 CS Petrocub HînceştiElbasan Arena
AggregateAris FC Limassol (CYP1) 23 Neftçi Baku PFK (AZE1) 
21.07.22Aris FC Limassol 20 Neftçi Baku PFKAEK Arena - George Karapatakis
28.07.22Neftçi Baku PFK 30 Aris FC LimassolBakcell Arena
AggregateCFR Cluj-Napoca (ROU1) 41 Inter Club d'Escaldes (AND1) 
21.07.22CFR Cluj-Napoca 30 Inter Club d'EscaldesStadionul Dr Constantin Rădelescu
27.07.22Inter Club d'Escaldes 11 CFR Cluj-NapocaEstadi Comunal d'Andorra La Vella
AggregateHapoel Be'er Sheva FC (ISR1) 31 FC Dinamo Minsk (BLR1) 
21.07.22Hapoel Be'er Sheva FC 21 FC Dinamo MinskYaakov Turner Toto Stadium
28.07.22FC Dinamo Minsk 01 Hapoel Be'er Sheva FCYaakov Turner Toto Stadium
Aggregateİstanbul Başakşehir FK (TUR1) 21 Maccabi Netanya FC (ISR1) 
21.07.22İstanbul Başakşehir FK 11 Maccabi Netanya FCBaşakşehir Fatih Terim Stadı
AggregateRacing FC Union (LUX1) 18 FK Čukarički (SRB1) 
21.07.22Racing FC Union 14 FK ČukaričkiStade de Luxembourg
28.07.22FK Čukarički 40 Racing FC UnionStadion čukarički
AggregateAris FC (GRE1) 72 FC Gomel (BLR1) 
21.07.22Aris FC 51 FC GomelKleanthis Vikelidis Stadium
27.07.22FC Gomel 12 Aris FCKleanthis Vikelidis Stadium
AggregateSepsi (ROU1) 33 NK Olimpija Ljubljana (SVN1) 
21.07.22Sepsi 31 NK Olimpija LjubljanaStadionul Sepsi
28.07.22NK Olimpija Ljubljana 20 SepsiStadion Stožice
 Sepsi advances on PKs (4-2) 
AggregateHNK Rijeka (CRO1) 14 Djurgårdens IF (SWE1) 
21.07.22HNK Rijeka 12 Djurgårdens IFStadion HNK Rijeka
28.07.22Djurgårdens IF 20 HNK RijekaTele2 Arena
AggregateFC Spartak Tnrava (SVK1) 62 Newtown AFC (WAL1) 
21.07.22FC Spartak Tnrava 41 Newtown AFCŠtadión Antona Malatinského
28.07.22Newtown AFC 12 FC Spartak TnravaPark Hall Stadium
AggregateFK Velež Mostar (BIH1) 02 Hamrun Spartans FC (MLT1) 
21.07.22FK Velež Mostar 01 Hamrun Spartans FCStadion Grbavica
28.07.22Hamrun Spartans FC 10 FK Velež MostarMFA Centenary Stadium (Ta'Qali)
AggregateAZ Alkmaar (NED1) 50 FK Tuzla City (BIH1) 
21.07.22AZ Alkmaar 10 FK Tuzla CityAFAS Stadion
28.07.22FK Tuzla City 04 AZ AlkmaarStadion Grbavica
AggregateSt Patrick's Athletic FC (IRL1) 11 NŠ Mura (SVN1) 
21.07.22St Patrick's Athletic FC 11 NŠ MuraRichmond Park (Dublin)
28.07.22NŠ Mura 00 St Patrick's Athletic FCMestni Štadion Fazanerija (Murska Sobota)
 St Patrick's Athletic FC advances on PKs (6-5) 
AggregateMotherwell FC (SCO1) 03 Sligo Rovers FC (IRL1) 
21.07.22Motherwell FC 01 Sligo Rovers FCFir Park Stadium
28.07.22Sligo Rovers FC 20 Motherwell FCThe Showgrounds (Sligo)
AggregateKF Vllaznia Shkodër (ALB1) 14 Universitatea Craiova (ROU1) 
21.07.22KF Vllaznia Shkodër 11 Universitatea CraiovaStadiumi Loro Boriçi
28.07.22Universitatea Craiova 30 KF Vllaznia ShkodërComplex Sportiv Craiova
AggregateBate Borisov (BLR1) 05 Torku Konyaspor (TUR1) 
21.07.22Bate Borisov 03 Torku KonyasporKonya Büyükşehir Belediye Stadyumu
28.07.22Torku Konyaspor 20 Bate BorisovKonya Büyükşehir Belediye Stadyumu
AggregateRaków Częstochowa (POL1) 60 FC Astana (KAZ1) 
21.07.22Raków Częstochowa 50 FC AstanaStadion Raków
28.07.22FC Astana 01 Raków CzęstochowaAstana Arena
AggregateBreiðablik UBK (ISL1) 32 Budućnost Podgorica (MNE1) 
21.07.22Breiðablik UBK 20 Budućnost PodgoricaKópavogsvöllur;
28.07.22Budućnost Podgorica 21 Breiðablik UBKStadion pod Goricom
AggregateVitória de Guimarães (POR1) 30 Puskás Akadémia FC (HUN1) 
21.07.22Vitória de Guimarães 30 Puskás Akadémia FCEstádio Dom Afonso Henriques
AggregateVíkingur Reykjavík FC (ISL1) 20 The New Saints (WAL1) 
21.07.22Víkingur Reykjavík FC 20 The New SaintsVíkingsvöllur
26.07.22The New Saints 00 Víkingur Reykjavík FCPark Hall Stadium

1st Qualifying Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateGżira United FC (MLT1) 21 Atlètic Club d'Escaldes (AND1) 
05.07.22Gżira United FC 11 Atlètic Club d'EscaldesMFA Centenary Stadium (Ta'Qali)
14.07.22Atlètic Club d'Escaldes 01 Gżira United FCEstadi Nacional (Andorra la Vella)
AggregateSt Joseph's FC (GIB1) 10 Larne FC (NIR1) 
05.07.22St Joseph's FC 00 Larne FCVictoria Stadium (Gibraltar)
14.07.22Larne FC 01 St Joseph's FCInver Park
AggregateFC Inter Turku (FIN1) 13 KF Drita (KVX1) 
06.07.22FC Inter Turku 10 KF DritaVeritas Stadion
12.07.22KF Drita 30 FC Inter TurkuStadiumi Fadil Vokrri
AggregateVíkingur (FRO1) 31 Europa FC (GIB1) 
06.07.22Víkingur 10 Europa FCTórsvøllur
14.07.22Europa FC 12 VíkingurVictoria Stadium (Gibraltar)
AggregateAlashkert FC (ARM1) 24 Hamrun Spartans FC (MLT1) 
07.07.22Alashkert FC 10 Hamrun Spartans FCRepublican Stadium (Yerevan)
14.07.22Hamrun Spartans FC 41 Alashkert FCTa' Qali National Stadium
AggregateUE Santa Coloma (AND1) 15 Breiðablik UBK (ISL1) 
07.07.22UE Santa Coloma 01 Breiðablik UBKEstadi Nacional (Andorra la Vella)
14.07.22Breiðablik UBK 41 UE Santa ColomaKópavogsvöllur;
AggregateFK Panevėžys (LTU1) 02 FC Milsami-Ursidos (MDA1) 
07.07.22FK Panevėžys 00 FC Milsami-UrsidosAukštaitija Stadium
14.07.22FC Milsami-Ursidos 20 FK PanevėžysComplexul Sportiv Raional Orhei
AggregateKuPS (FIN1) 20 FC Dila Gori (GEO1) 
07.07.22KuPS 20 FC Dila GoriSavon Sanomat Areena
14.07.22FC Dila Gori 00 KuPSStadioni Tengiz Burjanadze
AggregateBorac Banja Luka (BIH1) 33 B36 Tóshavn (FRO1) 
07.07.22Borac Banja Luka 20 B36 TóshavnStadion Dr Milan Jelić
14.07.22B36 Tóshavn 31 Borac Banja LukaGundadalar Stadium
 B36 Tóshavn advances on PKs (4-3) 
AggregateFC Saburtalo Tbilisi (GEO1) 11 FK Partizani (ALB1) 
07.07.22FC Saburtalo Tbilisi 01 FK PartizaniStadioni Tengiz Burjanadze
14.07.22FK Partizani 01 FC Saburtalo TbilisiElbasan Arena
 FC Saburtalo Tbilisi advances on PKs (5-4) 
AggregateMKS Pogón Szczecin (POL1) 42 KR Reykjavíkur (ISL1) 
07.07.22MKS Pogón Szczecin 41 KR ReykjavíkurStadion Miejski im Floriana Krygiera
AggregateFC Bruno's Magpies (GIB1) 34 Crusaders FC (NIR1) 
07.07.22FC Bruno's Magpies 21 Crusaders FCVictoria Stadium (Gibraltar)
14.07.22Crusaders FC 31 FC Bruno's MagpiesSeaview (Belfast)
AggregateFC Flora (EST1) 34 SJK (FIN1) 
07.07.22FC Flora 10 SJKA Le Coq Arena
14.07.22SJK 42 FC FloraOmaSP Stadion
AggregateMFK Ružomberok (SVK1) 22 FK Kauno Žalgiris (LTU1) 
07.07.22MFK Ružomberok 20 FK Kauno ŽalgirisŠtadión MFK Ružomberok
14.07.22FK Kauno Žalgiris 20 MFK RužomberokHikvision arena
AggregateFC Dinamo Tbilisi (GEO1) 44 Paide Linnameeskond (EST1) 
07.07.22FC Dinamo Tbilisi 23 Paide LinnameeskondBoris Paichadze Dinamo Arena
14.07.22Paide Linnameeskond 12 FC Dinamo TbilisiPaide Linnastaadion
 Paide Linnameeskond advances on PKs (6-5) 
AggregateFC Sfîntul Gheorghe (MDA1) 24 NŠ Mura (SVN1) 
07.07.22FC Sfîntul Gheorghe 12 NŠ MuraStadionul Zimbru
14.07.22NŠ Mura 21 FC Sfîntul GheorgheMestni Štadion Fazanerija (Murska Sobota)
AggregateNK Olimpija Ljubljana (SVN1) 32 FC Differdange 03 (LUX1) 
07.07.22NK Olimpija Ljubljana 11 FC Differdange 03Stadion Stožice
14.07.22FC Differdange 03 12 NK Olimpija LjubljanaStade Parc des Sports (Déifferdeng)
AggregateFloriana FC (MLT1) 01 CS Petrocub Hînceşti (MDA1) 
07.07.22Floriana FC 00 CS Petrocub HînceştiMFA Centenary Stadium (Ta'Qali)
14.07.22CS Petrocub Hînceşti 10 Floriana FCStadionul Zimbru
AggregateKF Laçi (ALB1) 10 FK Iskra Danilovgrad (MNE1) 
07.07.22KF Laçi 00 FK Iskra DanilovgradElbasan Arena
14.07.22FK Iskra Danilovgrad 01 KF LaçiDG Arena
AggregateSC Gjilani (KVX1) 23 FK Liepāja (LVA1) 
07.07.22SC Gjilani 10 FK LiepājaStadiumi Fadil Vokrri
14.07.22FK Liepāja 31 SC GjilaniDaugava Stadions (Liepāja)
AggregateBala Town FC (WAL1) 22 Sligo Rovers FC (IRL1) 
07.07.22Bala Town FC 12 Sligo Rovers FCPark Hall Stadium
14.07.22Sligo Rovers FC 01 Bala Town FCThe Showgrounds (Sligo)
 Sligo Rovers FC advances on PKs (4-3) 
AggregateCS Fola Esch (LUX1) 14 SP Tre Fiori (SMR1) 
07.07.22CS Fola Esch 01 SP Tre FioriStade émile Mayrisch
14.07.22SP Tre Fiori 31 CS Fola EschStadio Olimpico di Serravalle
AggregateFC Dinamo Minsk (BLR1) 32 FK Dečić (MNE1) 
07.07.22FC Dinamo Minsk 11 FK DečićDG Arena
14.07.22FK Dečić 12 FC Dinamo MinskStadion pod Goricom
AggregateFK Shkëndija (MKD1) 42 FC Ararat Yerevan (ARM1) 
07.07.22FK Shkëndija 20 FC Ararat YerevanToše Proeski Arena
14.07.22FC Ararat Yerevan 22 FK ShkëndijaRepublican Stadium
AggregateHB Tórshavn (FRO1) 23 Newtown AFC (WAL1) 
07.07.22HB Tórshavn 10 Newtown AFCGundadalar Stadium
14.07.22Newtown AFC 31 HB TórshavnPark Hall Stadium
AggregateLechia Gdańsk (POL1) 62 Akademija Pandev (MKD1) 
07.07.22Lechia Gdańsk 41 Akademija PandevPolsat Plus Arena Gdańsk
14.07.22Akademija Pandev 12 Lechia GdańskStadion Blagoj Istatov
AggregateBudućnost Podgorica (MNE1) 42 KF Llapi (KVX1) 
07.07.22Budućnost Podgorica 20 KF LlapiStadion pod Goricom
14.07.22KF Llapi 22 Budućnost PodgoricaStadiumi Fadil Vokrri
AggregateFK DAC 1904 Dunajská (SVK1) 51 Cliftonville (NIR1) 
14.07.22Cliftonville 03 FK DAC 1904 DunajskáSolitude (Belfast)
AggregateSP Tre Penne (SMR1) 08 FK Tuzla City (BIH1) 
07.07.22SP Tre Penne 02 FK Tuzla CityStadio Olimpico di Serravalle
14.07.22FK Tuzla City 60 SP Tre PenneStadion Grbavica
AggregateDerry City FC (IRL1) 04 Riga FC (LVA1) 
07.07.22Derry City FC 02 Riga FCThe Ryan McBride Brandywell Stadium
14.07.22Riga FC 20 Derry City FCSkonto Stadions