OFC Champions League
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The 2024 OFC Champions League is the premier club football tournament in Oceania with 18 teams from all 11 member OFC football assocations (F/As) participating. The 2024 winner will play in the 2024 FIFA Club World Cup.

Club teams qualify for the 2024 OFC Champions League based on the 2024 OFC CL Berths table. Auckland City FC is the reigning OFC Champions League champion.

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2024 OFC CL Berths
F/A Teams
Developed F/As
Fiji 2
New Caledonia 2
New Zealand 3
Papua New Guinea 3
Solomon Islands 2
Tahiti 2
Vanatu 2
Developing F/As
American Samoa 1
Cook Islands 1
Samoa 1
Tonga 1

Competition Structure

Stage# TeamsNew Teams Entering This RoundTeams From Previous RoundFormat
Qualifying Stage4
  • 7th place American Samoa FFAS Senior League (ASA1) team
  • 1st place Cook Islands Round Cup (COK1) team
  • 3rd place Samoa National League (SAM1) team
  • 1st place Tonga Major League (TGA1) team
Noneeach team plays other teams in group once in Teufaiva Sport Stadium (Tonga), team with most points (win = 3 pts, draw = 1 pt) advances to Group Stage
National Playoffs14
  • 1st-2nd place 2023 Fiji National Football League (FIJ1) teams
  • 1st-2nd place 2023 New Caledonia Super Ligue (NCL1) teams
  • 1st-2nd place 2023 New Zealand Football Championship (NLZ1) teams
  • 1st-2nd place 2023 Papua New Guinea National Soccer League (PNG1) teams
  • 1st-2nd place 2023 Solomon Islands S-League (SOL1) teams
  • 1st-2nd place 2022-2023 Tahiti Ligue 1 (TAH1) teams
  • 1st-2nd place 2023 Champions League (VAN1) teams
None7 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Group8None1st place team from Qualifying Stage, 7 winners from National Playoffs stage2 groups of 4 with Home/Away matches against each team in group, top 2 teams with most points (win = 3 pts, draw = 1 pt) in each group advance
Semifinals4None1st and 2nd place teams from each group in Group Stage2 "Knockout" matches
Finals2None2 winners from Semifinals"Knockout Match"

Championship Final

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Sat - 25 May 2024
 Auckland City FC (NZL1) 40 AS Pirae (TAH1)Stade Pater Te Hono Nui


DateHome Status RoadVenue
Wed - 22 May 2024
 Auckland City FC (NZL1) 10 AS Magenta (NCL1)Stade Pater Te Hono Nui
Thu - 23 May 2024
 AS Pirae (TAH1) 42 Rewa FC (FIJ1)Stade Pater Te Hono Nui

Group Stage

 Group ALeagueHomeRoad
1Auckland City FC (NZL1)32 -1-07-82622 -0-0660610 -1-01220
2Rewa FC (FIJ1)32 -1-07-86210 -1-0122022 -0-06642
3Hekari United FC (PNG1)31 -0-23-44010 -0-1023-121 -0-13211
4Solomon Warriors FC (SOL1)30 -0-30-210-820 -0-2025-310 -0-1005-5
Knockout Round
DateHome Status RoadVenue
11.05.24Rewa FC 22 Auckland City FCStade de Pae
14.05.24Auckland City FC 10 Hekari United FCStade de Pae
17.05.24Hekari United FC 23 Rewa FCStade de Pae
 Group BLeagueHomeRoad
1AS Pirae (TAH1)32 -1-07-1211122 -0-061211110 -1-01000
2AS Magenta (NCL1)32 -1-07-101921 -1-0480811 -0-03211
3Vaivase-Tai (SAM1)31 -0-23-515-1011 -0-0351420 -0-20014-14
4Ifira Black Bird FC (VAN1)30 -0-30-313-1010 -0-1012-120 -0-20211-9
Knockout Round
DateHome Status RoadVenue
13.05.24AS Pirae 60 Vaivase-TaiStade Pater Te Hono Nui
15.05.24AS Magenta 80 Vaivase-TaiStade Pater Te Hono Nui
17.05.24AS Pirae 61 Ifira Black Bird FCStade Pater Te Hono Nui
18.05.24Vaivase-Tai 51 Ifira Black Bird FCStade Pater Te Hono Nui
19.05.24AS Magenta 00 AS PiraeStade Pater Te Hono Nui
20.05.24Ifira Black Bird FC 12 AS MagentaStade Pater Te Hono Nui


DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateRewa FC (FIJ1) 00 Lautoka FC (FIJ1) 
07.02.24Rewa FC 00 Lautoka FCVodafone Ratu Cakobau Park
10.02.24Lautoka FC 00 Rewa FCChurchill Park (Lautoka)
AggregatePort Moresby Strikers FC (PNG1) 22 Hekari United FC (PNG1) 
10.02.24Port Moresby Strikers FC 02 Hekari United FCPNG Football Stadium
17.02.24Port Moresby Strikers FC 02 Hekari United FCPNG Football Stadium
AggregateGaïtcha FCN (NCL1) 12 AS Magenta (NCL1) 
16.02.24Gaïtcha FCN 12 AS MagentaStade Numa-Daly Magenta
23.02.24AS Magenta 00 Gaïtcha FCNStade Numa-Daly Magenta
AggregateCentral Coast FC (SOL1) 12 Solomon Warriors FC (SOL1) 
17.02.24Central Coast FC 01 Solomon Warriors FCNational Sports Stadium (Honiara)
21.02.24Solomon Warriors FC 11 Central Coast FCNational Sports Stadium (Honiara)
AggregateClassic FC (VAN1) 23 Ifira Black Bird FC (VAN1) 
23.02.24Classic FC 12 Ifira Black Bird FCLuganville Soccer Stadium
28.02.24Ifira Black Bird FC 11 Classic FCFresh Wata Field
AggregateAuckland City FC (NZL1) 43 Wellington Olympic AFC (NZL1) 
16.03.24Wellington Olympic AFC 33 Auckland City FCMartin Luckie Park
AggregateAS Pirae (TAH1) 22 AS Tefana (TAH1) 
13.03.24AS Pirae 11 AS TefanaStade Pater Te Hono Nui
16.03.24AS Tefana 11 AS PiraeStade Pater Te Hono Nui
 AS Pirae advances on PKs (6=5) 

Qualifying Stage

DateHome Status RoadVenue
16.02.24Tupapa Maraerenga 40 Vaivase-TaiTeufaiva Sport Stadium
 Veitongo FC 130 Vaiala TonganTeufaiva Sport Stadium
19.02.24Tupapa Maraerenga 140 Vaiala TonganTeufaiva Sport Stadium
 Veitongo FC 00 Vaivase-TaiTeufaiva Sport Stadium
22.02.24Vaiala Tongan 014 Vaivase-TaiTeufaiva Sport Stadium
 Tupapa Maraerenga 32 Veitongo FCTeufaiva Sport Stadium