Coppa Italia
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The 2022-2023 Coppa Italia Frecciarossa (ITACUP1) is the most prestigious football club tournament in Italy. 20 Serie A (ITA1), 20 Serie B (ITA2) and 4 Serie C (ITA3) teams are participating. The Final will be held on 11 May 2022 at Stadio Olimpico (Rome). The winner of the 2022-2023 ITACUP1 receives a berth in the Group Stage of the 2023-2024 UEFA Europa League. Inter Milan (ITA1) is the defending champion.

All rounds/matches are "Knockout" matches. If a match is still tied after regulation time, two 15-minute extra time periods are played. If still tied after extra time, the teams go directly to a penalty shoot-out.

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Leagues Pyramid - Italy

Abbrev League # Teams
ITA1 Serie A TIM 20
ITA2 Serie B (Serie BKT) 20
ITA3 Serie C 60
ITA4 Serie D 172
ITA5 Eccellenza 464

Competition Structure

Stage# TeamsNew Teams Entering This RoundTeams From Previous RoundFormat
Preliminary Round84 ITA3 (Serie C) teams, 4 ITA4 (Serie D) teamsNone4 Knockout matches
Round of 643212 ITA1 (Serie A) teams (ranked 9-20), 16 ITA2 (Serie B) teams4 Preliminary Round winners16 Knockout matches
Round of 3216None16 Round of 32 winners8 Knockout matches
Round of 16168 ITA1 (Serie A) teams (ranked 1-8)16 winners from 3rd Round8 Knockout matches
Quarterfinals8None8 winners from Round of 164 Knockout matches
Semifinals4None4 winners from Quarterfinals2 sets of Home/Away matches, highest aggregate goals advances
Final2None2 winners from Semifinals1 Knockout match played at a neutral site


DateHome Status RoadVenue
Wed - 24 May 2023
 Fiorentina (ITA1) 12 Inter Milan (ITA1)Stadio Olimpico (Roma)


DateHome Status RoadVenue
AggregateJuventus (ITA1) 12 Inter Milan (ITA1) 
04.04.23Juventus 11 Inter MilanAllianz Stadium (Torino)
26.04.23Inter Milan 10 JuventusStadio Giuseppe Meazza
AggregateUS Cremonese (ITA1) 02 Fiorentina (ITA1) 
05.04.23US Cremonese 02 FiorentinaStadio Giovanni Zini
27.04.23Fiorentina 00 US CremoneseStadio Artemio Franchi


DateHome Status RoadVenue
Tue - 31 Jan 2023
 Inter Milan (ITA1) 10 Atalanta (ITA1)Stadio Giuseppe Meazza
Wed - 1 Feb 2023
 Fiorentina (ITA1) 21 Torino (ITA1)Stadio Artemio Franchi
 AS Roma (ITA1) 12 US Cremonese (ITA1)Stadio Olimpico (Roma)
Thu - 2 Feb 2023
 Juventus (ITA1) 10 Lazio (ITA1)Allianz Stadium (Torino)

Round of 16

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Tue - 10 Jan 2023
 Inter Milan (ITA1) 21 Parma (ITA2)Stadio Giuseppe Meazza
Wed - 11 Jan 2023
 AC Milan (ITA1) 01 Torino (ITA1)Stadio Giuseppe Meazza
Thu - 12 Jan 2023
 Fiorentina (ITA1) 10 Sampdoria (ITA1)Stadio Artemio Franchi
 AS Roma (ITA1) 10 Genoa (ITA2)Stadio Olimpico (Roma)
Tue - 17 Jan 2023
 Napoli (ITA1) 45 US Cremonese (ITA1)Stadio Diego Armando Maradona
Thu - 19 Jan 2023
 Atalanta (ITA1) 52 Spezia Calcio 1906 (ITA1)Gewiss Stadium
 Lazio (ITA1) 10 Bologna (ITA1)Stadio Olimpico (Roma)
 Juventus (ITA1) 21 AC Monza (ITA1)Allianz Stadium (Torino)

2nd Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Tue - 18 Oct 2022
 Genoa (ITA2) 10 SPAL (ITA2)Stadio Luigi Ferraris
 Torino (ITA1) 40 AS Cittadella (ITA2)Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino
Wed - 19 Oct 2022
 Spezia Calcio 1906 (ITA1) 31 Brescia (ITA2)Stadio Alberto Picco
 Parma (ITA2) 10 AS Bari (ITA3)Stadio Ennio Tardini
 Udinese (ITA1) 23 AC Monza (ITA1)Dacia Arena
Thu - 20 Oct 2022
 US Cremonese (ITA1) 42 Modena FC (ITA3)Stadio Giovanni Zini
 Sampdoria (ITA1) 98 Ascoli Calcio 1898 (ITA2)Stadio Luigi Ferraris
 Bologna (ITA1) 10 Cagliari (ITA2)Stadio Renato Dall'Ara

1st Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Fri - 5 Aug 2022
 Cagliari (ITA2) 32 AC Perugia (ITA2)Unipol Domus
 Udinese (ITA1) 21 FeralpiSalò (ITA3)Dacia Arena
 Lecce (ITA1) 23 AS Cittadella (ITA2)Stadio Via del Mare
 Sampdoria (ITA1) 10 Reggina (ITA2)Stadio Luigi Ferraris
Sat - 6 Aug 2022
 AC Pisa 1909 (ITA2) 14 Brescia (ITA2)Arena Garibaldi
 Spezia Calcio 1906 (ITA1) 51 Calcio Como (ITA2)Stadio Alberto Picco
 Empoli FC (ITA1) 12 SPAL (ITA2)Stadio Carlo Castellani
 Torino (ITA1) 30 Palermo (ITA3)Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino
Sun - 7 Aug 2022
 Venezia (ITA2) 23 Ascoli Calcio 1898 (ITA2)Stadio Pierluigi Penzo
 Hellas Verona FC (ITA1) 14 AS Bari (ITA3)Stadio Marc'Antonio Bentegodi
 US Salernitana (ITA1) 02 Parma (ITA2)Stadio Arechi
 AC Monza (ITA1) 32 Frosinone Calcio (ITA2)U-Power Stadium
Mon - 8 Aug 2022
 Genoa (ITA2) 32 Benevento (ITA2)Stadio Luigi Ferraris
 Modena FC (ITA3) 32 US Sassuolo (ITA1)Stadio Alberto Braglia
 US Cremonese (ITA1) 32 Ternana Calcio SPA (ITA2)Stadio Paolo Mazza
 Bologna (ITA1) 10 Cosenza Calcio (ITA2)Stadio Renato Dall'Ara

Preliminary Round

DateHome Status RoadVenue
Sat - 30 Jul 2022
 FC Südtirol (ITA3) 13 FeralpiSalò (ITA3)Stadio Druso
Sun - 31 Jul 2022
 Modena FC (ITA3) 31 US Cantanzaro (ITA3)Stadio Alberto Braglia
 Palermo (ITA3) 32 AC Reggiana 1919 (ITA3)Stadio Renzo Barbera
 AS Bari (ITA3) 30 Padova (ITA3)Stadio Arechi